• Where in my area can I find a lawyer who can advise me on asylum issues?
    Here you will find lawyers for migration law in Bavaria (as of November 2022):

  • Where can I call in the event of an emergency or illness? (May 2020) 
    Tip: search via Google: Notfall - town, e.g. Notfall Waldkraiburg Zahnarzt
    You always have to say your name and address and briefly explain the problem (e.g. the illness). 

    > Illness: Call the sick person's doctor. At the weekend or at night 116 117 (you have to say your Landkreis "Mühldorf" and wait until you are connected). 
    ONLY in the case of a very serious illness (e.g. danger to life): 112 
    > Fire: 112 
    > Police only in case of great danger, crime, serious traffic accident: 110
    > Urgent medicine at the weekend or at night: emergency service pharmacy (search via Google). Pharmacy is closed, you have to ring the bell and wait.

  • I often have headaches and sleep problems. What can I do?
    You will find tips in our guide. Try out what helps you.

  • I would like to work in Germany. What are my chances? What should I do? 
    Here you will find information if you want to study, do an apprenticeship, start a company or do research.

  • I've already learned a profession. Is what I have learned enough to work in this profession in Germany? 
    you can check this for many professions, also in Farsi and Arabic. 

  • Which institutions can give me help and support? Caritas, Diakonie, Bavarian Red Cross (BRK), AK Asyl (work group asylum), Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat (Bavarian Refugee Council). Search via Google, including town (e.g. Mühldorf, Waldkraiburg) or district (Landkreis e.g. Mühldorf). For example: "Caritas Waldkraiburg". 
    See also Links.

  • What is tolerance (Duldung)? Temporary stay in Germany, sometimes with a work permit. But you can be asked anytime to leave Germany (also with police).

  • What language level is required for a work permit? 
    Ideally B1/B2. But there are also jobs for A2, but mostly poorly paid. For medical professions or studies C1/C2/C3

  • Where can I find free language courses? 
    See above under institutions: e.g. Caritas, AK Asyl. Or Links

  • What papers do I need to start a job or apprenticeship? 
    Ideally passport, at least the original birth certificate (passport must then be presented later). Driving license if required. 
    In case of family reunification (family comes to Germany later): additionally marriage certificate and all birth certificates (wife, children) 

  • How do I get an apartment or a room? Via job center, housing agency of the municipality (if existing), employer. Prerequisite: job, own income. 
    Important: Do not just sign the contract. Ask for advice from institutions (see above), competent friends, teachers, social Workers.
    When moving, remember to report your new address (see Neues).

  • I would like to migrate from Germany to another country, e.g. to USA, Australia or Canada. What can I do? 
    There are little chances for the USA and Australia at the moment, the chances for Canada are better. You can find out more at www.Raphaelswerk.de
    All inquiries to the Raphaelwerk are treated in strict confidence. You do not have to be afraid that something will be forwarded to the BAMF or the court.

  • I have questions about using the Internet and apps. Where can I get help? There is a free IT helpline (tel. 089-5526 7183). Write an email to gast@kulturraum-muenchen.de. Explain your problem and specify in which language you would like help. (Note: This is not a hotline if your smartphone or PC is broken.)