Save energy and money


The prices of electricity and gas are rising very sharply, so it is important to save energy. Here you can find tips.

The ancillary costs are also becoming more and more expensive and there will be high additional/ subsequent payments. IMPORTANT: Save money for it


  • Cook with as little water as possible (e.g. egg, pasta)
  • Always put the lid on the saucepan
  • Use oven as little as possible (very expensive)
  • Cook food for two days

Wash the dishes:

  • Make water hot in the kettle
  • Do not run hot water


  • Always defrost the freezer compartment (even a thin layer of ice needs a lot of electricity)
  • Do not leave the fridge open for a long time
  • Do not put hot food in it


  • Wash only at 40 degrees
  • Do not wash at 100 degrees (very expensive)
  • Always fill up the washing machine
  • Do not use a dryer


  • Wear warm clothes and heat less (saves energy and is healthier)
  • Do not tilt the window, open them completely and ventilate for 1-3 minutes

TV: Turn off the TV completely (with the button on the TV)

Mobile phone: Always unplug the charger after charging, otherwise it will constantly consume power